Why Amazon Reviews Matter.

Why do I ask you to post a review on Amazon after you’ve read my books?

The reason is both simple and complicated.

The simple reason is…

It helps others know that my books are worth their while.

How many times have you bought something based on the number of positive reviews it has? I know I rely on reviews a lot when I decide to try a new product. Books are no different. If I’m considering a book, especially one by a relatively new author, I want to know that I’m not wasting my time and money on crap.

They also help me, the author.

I read every review I get. It helps me grow as a writer because it shows what I can approve upon. It also gives me a feel for what my readers are looking for, what they want and/or expect from my books, and of course if they were satisfied.  

And now for the more complicated side of things…

Reviews are a part of Amazon’s algorithm.

Have you ever seen a book on Amazon that sounds strikingly similar to one you just finished? Or gotten an email from Amazon with book recommendations? Then you’ve been exposed to their algorithm (an algorithm is a set of rules that a program must follow).

Reviews help Amazon recommend my book to others who are looking for books similar to ones they’ve read.

When you go to Amazon.com, Amazon’s algorithm takes your previous data and decides which books/recommendations to show on your browser (and in which order).

If Amazon sees evidence that my book is selling well and consistently, combined with good reviews, it will recommend my book to others. The book will then rise through Amazon’s ranks, earning more recommendations, which in turn earn more reviews, and on and on.

So as you can see, reviews are essential to my success as an author. It only takes a few minutes to jot down your feelings, why not give it a shot? It would mean a lot to me. 🙂

Leave a review by clicking here. It will take you to my Amazon page. Just click the book you’ve read and click “Leave Review.”

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