the things we keep

Fear. Love. Secrets. 

The things we keep can be dangerous. 

The first thing Mady Graves finds when she returns home after eight years away is her police officer father, shot dead in his own backyard. Rumors of police corruption have plagued the small town force for years but Mady could never believe that her father’s vices extended beyond flirting and philandering. ​

​While Mady searches for the killer, she finds herself falling for her old flame, a married man whose past is inextricably linked to her own. Together they have to face the secrets they share as well as their own burgeoning feelings for one another. ​

​As if that weren’t enough, Mady soon becomes the murderer’s next target, leading her to suspect that the biggest secret of all is the one no one wants unearthed…

Least of all, Mady. 

Heartbreak and hope join hands in this contemporary mystery romance by Nikki Kincaid.

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