The Broken Ones by Stephen Irwin

The Broken Ones by Stephen Irwin is everything I aspire to as a writer of crime fiction with a love of fantasy. It’s a dark, atmospheric book set in the near future where everyone is suddenly, inexplicably haunted by their own personal ghost. Literally. Dead cousins, spouses, friends, and strangers have come back from the dead, silent sentinels haunting the living.

The world is paralyzed by this new epidemic, and tasked with investigating the crimes in which the ghosts are seemingly responsible is Detective Oscar Mariani. The problem, however, is no one can see your ghost but you.

When a ritualistic serial killer starts targeting young women, Mariani finds himself pulled into a reality more haunting than the one in which he already lives.

I accidentally borrowed the Broken Ones from the library twice. And while this might seem like it made little impression on me the first time, that’s not at all the case. I borrowed it again because once again the back cover and gloomy cover drew me in, and even when I realized I’d read it before, I kept right on reading. I love the atmopsphere, the apacoloyptic event, the grittiness and noir of it all. And if i accidentally borrow it again, I’ll read it again 🙂

Wine Rating: 5/5

Best Paired With: Blood Red Merlot


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