Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher is one of my all time favorite authors. Not only are his books hilarious, but he’s also a very kind and generous man in real life (and, of course, hilarious). His Harry Dresden books have filled my life with so much joy and inspiration through the years, I really can’t say enough about them.

The first in the ongoing series is Storm Front. Compared to later books, it’s not all that great, but trust me: you won’t be disappointed.

Harry Dresden is Chicago’s only wizard-for hire, but right now business isn’t so great.

When police bring him in to consult on a double homicide committed with black magic, Harry jumps at the chance to earn a little cash. Soon, however, he finds himself facing a dark mage who knows Harry’s true name…never a good thing when magic’s involved.

We follow Harry as he tracks down the murderer and barely escapes danger at every turn. And there’s also a scene in which a naked Harry fights a demon. Seriously…one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

Wine Rating: 3/5 (bc the later books in the series get soooo much better)

Best Paired With: Cold Smoke, my favorite beer in the world.

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