Horrifying Double Murder

Mari Pickett, RIPThis story is truly horrifying, and one I would not blog about just because of the sheer horrorr of it–except for the fact that it (even more horrifyingly) took place in the city in which I live, Missoula, Montana. Those of us who live in Missoula tend to be pretty insular; we forget that horrible people exist in this world because it’s hard to believe such a thing when you live in such a beautiful place.

With appropriate warnings about content, let’s begin.

Missing Persons

On August 15, 2017, an alert was issued regarding the disappearance of 15-year-old Marilyn Pickett. She was last seen in the company of  24-year-old Jackson Wiles, a man on probation for burglary. Wiles, too, was missing. 

Wiles’ car was found near a fishing access. A garbage bag of bloody clothes was found nearby. Wiles’ wallet and Pickett’s cell phone were inside the car, both covered in blood.

Roommate Informer

The same day, a man called police and told them he had come upon his roommate, 26-year-old Augustus StandingRock and  Standing-Rock’s 23-year-old girlfriend, Tiffanie Pierce, washing blood from themselves. The couple told the roommate that there was the body of a woman in the basement. The roommate then left the house, but later Pierce came to his place of work and told him she and Standing-Rock had had a couple over to the house and then attacked one of them. When the other person tried to get away, they stabbed that person as well. Both were killed. 

Jackson Wiles
Jackson Wiles

The roommate went to the police, and when the police came to the house, they found the two suspects, as well as plastic tubs filled with chemicals. Inside these tubs were the remains of the two missing persons, Pickett and Wiles. Knives and an ax were also found. 

After an investigation, it was determined the two victims died of stab wounds. Pierce and Standing-Rock were arrested. During their incarceration, the two continue to make headlines by threatening guards at the facility in which they’re held and stating their intention to marry. 

As readers of mystery and thrillers, we enjoy reading about crime and those who solve crimes, but when it happens in our own backyards, the stark reality of life and its serrated edge becomes all too clear. 

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