Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

On Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears. As the narrative unfolds, you find yourself questioning who is truly at fault: cheating Nick or alpha girl perfectionist Amy. As we bounce between points of view, we learn that the only truth in this relationship are its lies.

I held off reading this one when it was all the hype. I don’t like trying to find a copy at the library when everyone else is trying, so when I saw it was available on the library app, I got it. At first, I I thought it wasn’t that great. But when the relationship between Nick and Amy started to show its cracks, that’s when the narrative really took off. We’re given both Nick and Amy’s points of view and they’re both so wildly different that you’re constantly asking yourself which one of them is lying. From a writer’s standpoint, I love the idea of unreliable narrators, which is something Flynn excels at.

As I’m sure you’re aware from the hype, there are plenty of twists and turns to go ‘round. Because all of the groundwork for all of the twists had been laid, none of them felt like the author tried too hard to twist the narrative.

Is it worth a read? Yeah, I think so. Especially if you’re in, or have ever been in, a long term relationship.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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