this side of desperation

A missing child. A one-armed detective. A government-sponsored application to conceive a child. What could go wrong?

Disgraced ex-cop Sarah Malone has hit rock bottom. She lost an arm to the same brutal attack that killed her partner, the private detective business they shared is bankrupt, and her divorce is final. So when wealthy Mrs. Perrine comes to her for help finding her missing granddaughter, Sarah takes the case. What has she got to lose? 

Determined to prove herself, Sarah will do whatever it takes to find the missing child. But in this world where fertility rates have plummeted and human trafficking has soared, finding a missing child is both dangerous and, some would say, foolhardy. 

As Sarah digs in, she realizes that sometimes the truth is far more complicated than you could ever imagine. Will finding the missing child be the key to making up for her past or will it add one more item to her ever-growing list of mistakes?

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