Fortune's Flame

He killed her family. Now she’s determined to destroy him.

The railroad’s arrival in any town promises untold economic booms. For Clara Dorsey and the town her grandfather founded, it might just be the lifeblood the ailing town has been waiting for.

But there’s a problem.

After 5 years on the run, the man who killed her father and sister returns, threatening to once again destroy everything Clara holds dear.

Set against the backdrop of the railroad wars, Fortune’s Flame will have you questioning who to root for in this no-holds-barred tale of the wild west. 

A western revenge story you won’t be able to put down.

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Eighteen-year-old Sadie Sauer has always had “a good relationship with death.” When she was six, a boy from her school was kidnapped and found dead. Then her mother died, followed three years later by her father. To get a fresh start, Sadie moves across country to a small Montana town, where she thinks death won’t follow. She’s wrong.

A day after arriving in Carey, Montana, Sadie finds the body of a missing girl. While struggling to fit in, crushing on the cute ranch hand, and deflecting insults from a manipulative coworker, Sadie becomes obsessed with finding the girl’s killer. What she uncovers instead will tear the town apart and reveal its darkest secrets.

This Side of Desperation

In this world where fertility rates have plummeted and human trafficking has soared, Private Detective Sarah Malone is alone in a failing business, surrounded by bad choices. But when she takes on the case of a missing child, she finds herself straddling a new kind of desperation–one in which she must do the right thing…but what is the right thing?

Would you make the same choice as Sarah?

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