A Study in Scarlett by Sherry Thomas

Charlotte Holmes’s superior intelligence should’ve been a way out of her stuffy Society constrains, but not in 1800s Victorian England. So she devises a plan to shirk those bonds and live the life she wants to live.

But things don’t go as planned and Charlotte soon finds herself a social pariah, and very nearly living on the streets.

When Charlotte, as her pseudonym Sherlock Holmes, sees a connection between the recent deaths of three prominent Society members, a London inspector has no choice but to listen.

A Study in Scarlet Women has romance, nods to the classic Holmes canon, a Watson, and even an evil mastermind.

And I could not get enough!

Sherry Thomas has done a bang up job. I loved the Victorian language, and the way she revealed her characters subtly, through their actions (or inactions) as well as their inner thoughts. I’m not one for romance but I adored Charlotte’s relationship with the enigmatic Lord Ingram. I was inspired by Thomas’s ability to build the chemistry between the two and make Charlotte at once similar to and yet wholly different from her famous pseudonym.

Immediately after finishing this book, I placed a hold on the second one at the library–a great compliment to Thomas.

Wine Rating: 5/5

Best Paired With: A brandy, ol chap.

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